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PTSD is real

Irritability, overanalyzing, sleep problems and anxiety are common. You are not crazy, weak or a failure.
Regain control of your life now!

The Problem...

You are a hardworking, dedicated individual who used to absolutely love your job


You powered through years of red tape, being in the thick of people’s pain with little support or understanding from management, and being overworked.


Now your livelihood is killing you. You dread going to work and you’re afraid of losing control yourself.

You tried ignoring the bureaucracy and push down your own feelings but that was not enough.


It never is.


You started “self care” with yoga, meditation, exercise, and internet support. You found that these even worked a bit, but it just still wasn’t enough.


You have plans for your life and career, but know that you won’t get there feeling this stressed out.

In order to meet these goals, you need to feel energized with a good mindset, but instead you’re feeling frustrated and burnt out. 

There is hope...

You are ready to start the first step of working through your thoughts and fears so you can feel productive and competent again.


The problem is you don’t know where to start.

Meg Young, LCSW, PLLC is the place for burnt-out helping professionals regain confidence and grow in both life and career.


I see the suffering and strength you carry with you every day. I get it. I was right there once.


Using a roadmap including EMDR, changing the way you talk to yourself, and your desire, I provide direction and hope one step at a time.

You can feel productive and confident again.

The Solution...

Click on the options below to learn how to start increasing your self-esteem and confidence today:


INDIVIDUAL THERAPY is intended to help the burnt-out professional recover their purpose and confidence. We will delve into your experiences, and kill the “shoulds” you put on yourself.


ONLINE THERAPY is my main medium for conducting therapy and has so many benefits over in person therapy.


GROUP THERAPY is intended to help the burnt-out professional who is also struggling with drinking or using other substances to cope.

CONSULTATION is intended for the professional looking to take the next step, whether towards LCSW licensure or EMDR certification.


PROFESSIONAL AND LIFE COACHING is intended for the professional who is not looking to delve into their past, but looking for the nudge to the next step in life.


Feeling like you've lost your mind...

Life has become a nightmare.


This is PTSD. It is real. You are not crazy.


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