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Meg Berry, LCSW, DCC

Imagine living without strong emotions such as anxiety or panic, frequently being startled or feeling on guard, sleep problems, irritability, lack of energy and motivation, feeling isolated from friends and family, sadness, difficulty functioning at work, or hopelessness that things will improve.

Specializing in working with first responders such as police, fire fighters, EMTs/paramedics, and medical professionals such as doctors, nurses, PAs, and mental health providers, as well as veterans. I am a proud member of Give an Hour providing one hour of free therapy per week to service members, veterans and their family members.

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Holistic Encouragement for the Authentic Life

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, I help adults live productive lives by gaining control over unrelenting and distressing emotions such as fear, guilt, anger or shame primarily using EMDR.

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Life Coaching by Meg Berry

Meg Berry fosters and supports adults reach the professional and personal life they desire through life coaching and professional consultation.

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These symptoms are draining and affect all areas of your life often feeling endless. What if you could put an end to the hopelessness? What if you could get your life back? How much would that mean to you?

From the first call, I strive to make the entire process fulfilling. Building on that call, I utilize a holistic therapy approach enhancing current internal strengths, offering safety, stability, calmness, healing and growth while teaching new skills leading to a balanced and gratifying life.

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