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Meg Berry, LCSW, Certified EMDR Therapist

You Are...

Always the strong one. Always the protector. Always the one able to stay calm in very difficult situations.

The Problem is...

A lonely internal war you are fighting is slowly making you feel like your mind is no longer yours. Emotions are the enemy of objectivity, safety and even survival. Outwardly, you fight to maintain a strong, calm presence. But inside, you are terrified that your life is over or you’ll wake up not able to fulfill your calling anymore. You are second guessing yourself as the strong, protective one. This is breaking you and your family down.

There is Hope...

What if you could get your life, mind, family, career back? What would you give to have yourself back? People working in the trenches to help other people – yes you: First Responder, Military, and Medical Professional (and your family) – have a significant amount of strength. You have a strength many others only dream of.

The Solution...

By pulling on your reserve strength along with EMDR and other therapy techniques, you will reclaim the parts of your life currently in disarray. If you are a Veteran, Active Service Member or their family, I provide one hour of free therapy per week to you through Give an Hour.


As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, I help adults live productive lives by gaining control over unrelenting and distressing emotions such as fear, guilt, anger or shame primarily using EMDR.

Life Coaching

In addition to therapy, I utilize life coaching and professional consultation to support you in reaching the professional and personal life you desire. Life coaching is a very different modality than therapy. In an initial consultation we can discuss whether life coaching or therapy is right for you.


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Feeling like you've lost your mind...

Life has become a nightmare.


This is PTSD. It is real. You are not crazy.


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