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Regain control by breaking free of stress Today is New Year’s Day. I worked at the hospital yesterday and ran a goal setting group. I felt very satisfied after the group as I talked about what holds people back from achieving their goals, normalizing this for them, and discussing solutions.

I really love seeing people progress as they transition to being who they want to be; meeting their goals and feeling strong and successful. It is such an honor to be part of this transition in people’s lives. There is so much chaos and stress in the world right now. To be a part of something so powerful as people getting on top of the chaos to the strong person they know they are is so inspiring to me.

There is so much negativity in the world. Maybe it shouldn’t be all completely gone. If you think about balance, opposing sides create balance. If everything is always great, would you really appreciate life? Balance allows you to appreciate life. We have a range of emotions for a reason. If everything is always great, you wouldn’t need that range. Would you then lose some of your humanity? I know, this is pretty deep!

Emotions in and of themselves are not a bad thing. It’s about understanding where the emotion is coming from and what you need to do right now. Sometimes it isn’t the right time to feel certain emotions. Notice that emotion and put it aside. Don’t forget to come back to it later. Stuffing emotions leads to outbursts (whether emotional, physical, or bodily such as headaches or digestive problems). Stuffing emotions and having a huge release will bring you back into balance similarly to eating too much sugar, getting all hyped up, and then crashing. It is not healthy. Don’t fear your emotions. You will actually do better at your job, with your family, and in life if you acknowledge and appropriately deal with emotions versus turning them off or stuffing them.

Maintain focus on you this year, but start small with self-compassion. Don’t make your goals too big; lower the bar to what is realistic. Don’t expect changes overnight. Just because 2018 will be a great year doesn’t mean it will start that way Jan 1. Set stepping stone goals for yourself and find accountability to maintain progress. Look for small gains which may show up in unexpected ways. Make 2018 your year!