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Our society generally wants a quick fix to our problems. Medication does a great job with that. The problem is medication is sometimes just a bandaid. Please don’t get me wrong; I believe in medication and know just how helpful medication is in so many ways. However, there are many times other techniques and options, when used regularly, do the same (and more) than medication.

What techniques and options can you do to get rid of the symptoms of anxiety, depression, and panic though? First of all, doing anything that increases the happy feelings in your brain is helpful (exercise and laughing for example). These techniques are proven through scientific imaging to increase positive feelings in the brain thus causing the depression and anxiety to decrease. Do you remember the last time you laughed so very hard you were crying? That you could barely breathe? When you tried explaining what was so funny, you just couldn’t speak because you were laughing so hard? If you don’t remember laughing like this, think about seeing someone else that was laughing this way whether on television or in person. What was that feeling like? (Or imagine what that feeling was like). You can’t possibly be depressed or anxious and laughing that hard at the same instant. The brain doesn’t work that way. If you can get yourself laughing every day, it will help get you feeling better. What about the last time you exercised hard? You may have said to yourself at the beginning “I don’t feel like doing this.” But you do it anyway, and you say “This is hard, but I will keep going.” As you get into it and stop the negative thoughts of wanting to be on the couch instead, you end your workout. Do you remember the feeling you had at the end of the workout? You probably felt pretty good; pretty accomplished. You have changed your brain by exercising like that.

What about alternative options? There are so many very effective techniques. I do not specialize in any of these, but I do know they are very helpful and several are proven techniques to feel happier and calmer. These techniques include: Reiki, Qi-Gong, Massage, Acupuncture, Acupressure, essential oils, vitamins and herbs, ayurveda, biofield therapy, among many others.

These techniques are helpful, and it is great to try any or all of these to increase feelings of calmness and overall health and happiness. I recommend talking with people you love and PLEASE talk with your doctors to determine whether trying any or all of these may help you on your path to healing. Nothing works over night and it takes effort to feel positive. When you do something one time, it has great effects, but in order to change the brain, it takes you doing the techniques over and over until it becomes a new normal in your brain.

If you aren’t sure where to find anyone who can help you with any of these techniques, feel free to call me or email me. I will provide you with where to go to start this process. Good luck and let me know what your experiences are!