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I have been trained in EMDR since 2016 and see a huge difference in my clients. The even better thing? They see the difference in themselves. EMR has broken through so many barriers with my clients.
For example, “Caroline” never worked through an abusive relationship until we did EMDR. We did 6 (six) sessions of EMDR reprocessing and it is likely cleared up. (We’ll find out this week). She remembers the abuse, but told me that thinking about it no longer brings up awful feelings or bodily reactions such as her heart pounding or shakiness.
“John” was afraid to drive due to a horrible car accident several months prior. He is able to drive again anxiety free after 11 sessions.
“Joanne” was violently attacked at work a year ago and had to change jobs due to the flashbacks and discomfort working there. 10 sessions of EMDR reprocessing later, the attack at work no longer bothers her and is not at the front of her thoughts.
Whereas these are only three examples, I can name off many others. Some people take longer and some shorter depending on a variety of factors, but I see this time and again with my clients. People want a quick fix. EMDR does not promise a quick fix, but it is often a lot faster than other forms of therapy.
There are so many great modalities of therapy, but how can you go wrong with a model of therapy that helps people feel better in sometimes as little as 10 sessions? Imagine what your life can be like in 3 months of EMDR reprocessing!
One of the things I think is most compelling about EMDR, however, is the fact that you don’t have to share with me (or your therapist), the details of anything you do not want to share. Your brain will heal without me needing to know everything. This is a huge relief to many of my first responder and medical professional clients.
EMDR is not for everyone or every type of issue and I highly recommend talking to a therapist to see if this therapy is right for you. If it is, jump in. It can be scary to do something new and it does seem a bit weird when the full process is explained, but I promise if you do EMDR with a trained therapist, you will make more progress in 10-15 sessions than I years of traditional talk therapy.
The EMDRIA site is a great place to learn more about EMDR as well as to find a therapist trained in your area.
This life you are living is more painful than it has to be. Give yourself the gift of a life free of nightmares, get your life, family, and career back. You are worth it. Your family is worth it.
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