941-462-4807 meg@megyounglcsw.com

I am self-pay only for those who are ready to take control of their lives

I do not let insurance limitations hinder your progress. I will provide you with a bill to submit and get partial reimbursement from insurance if you desire.

Contacting me by phone

– In CT or FL, call me at 941-462-4807. Please leave me a message with your name, phone number, a brief indication of what you are looking to achieve through therapy, a good number to call you back on, and whether I can leave a message if you do not pick up.

Send me an email

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– I am self-pay only. Please see below for rationale. I will provide a bill for you to send to your insurance to get some of what you pay reimbursed using your out of network benefits.
– Fees vary depending on the type of service ($100-$130)


Why should you pay out of pocket for my services?

First, Goal of therapy:
– What is most important? Money or freeing yourself from the issues that are holding you back from who you want to be/do. This can be a hard decision sometimes, but going to someone who specializes in you and your needs will solve your problems much quicker and more effectively than a generalist (think about a medical specialist versus a primary care doctor). Even if you only pay a co-pay for an in-network therapist, the time you spend with them versus the time you spend with someone out of pocket who specializes in your unique needs will be the same in the end (if not less for the self-pay therapist).

Second, Insurance downfalls:
– They will only pay for services if it is “medically necessary.”
– They often want more information than they need in order to “justify” paying for services.
– Insurance deductibles are outrageously high and the deductible has to be met before insurance will pay anything for services. Often in-network and out-of-network deductibles aren’t that different.

Third, Competence:
– You want someone who is an expert at what they do and can give the best services to meet your needs. Just because a therapist is in private practice and takes your insurance doesn’t mean they are the expert who can help you best.