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You know how it is; you’re sick and still working.That’s how I am today. The only saving grace is I do not have any clients today. Friday is my admin day. I’m writing this blog in bed waiting for my doctor’s appointment this afternoon.

Why is it that we struggle to slow down and take care of ourselves? We work ourselves so hard, even when we are ill. Do you feel guilty when you’re not doing something? Many of us do. Crazy, huh? Our culture is so go-go-go that we struggle with down time. There’s always something that needs to be done or kids need to be taken care of. Even commercials say [parents] cannot take sick days.

One cause of illness is we not taking time for ourselves throughout the day. Whether meditation, yoga, or other forms. We are having more sick days because of this as a culture. Of course, people do get sick even when they do take care of themselves and pause throughout the day. When we are sick, we need to let the body use its energy towards healing and not by doing chores.

Well, as you can see, even I struggle with this. Even I am not doing what is best for me. So how do we change this cultural pattern? Think about how many fewer sick days we will use. Think about how much money we would save in not seeing doctors. Think about how much more productive we’d be.

I am going to take my own advice and make this blog be my only “work” today. I will stay in bed watching The Lord of the Rings with my cat at my side and sip water and tea until my appointment this afternoon. I will let my body heal.

I hope everyone else is healthy and well today. Think about how you can keep yourself healthy this fall season. Have a safe and happy weekend. As always, I look forward to hearing from you.