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Meg Berry, LCSW, Certified EMDR Therapist

Welcome to My Blog

My blog is a self help blog for adults suffering from distressing memories, dreams, or emotions, as well as possibly having relationship problems, a decreased ability to concentrate, and an increased startle response or irritability who are trying to survive by avoiding any reminders or feelings, start to learn they CAN be at peace with themselves and they CAN have a sense of internal and external safety allowing them to live and act the way they want to on a daily basis.


Thanksgiving...A time to be thankful. It can be very hard to feel thankful when going through holidays with PTSD. Especially when it is impacting all aspects of your life. You want to be happy; you want to enjoy being with family. PTSD's grip will not let go just...

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Keeping Healthy

You know how it is; you're sick and still working.That's how I am today. The only saving grace is I do not have any clients today. Friday is my admin day. I'm writing this blog in bed waiting for my doctor's appointment this afternoon. Why is it that we struggle to...

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Re-energizing Motivation

Motivation…you used to have it; it used to be easy. More recently, you lost the motivation to do whatever it is you were doing before (exercise, playing, going out with friends, going to work). Now it just seems like a chore. What is motivation? Where does it come...

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Even 911 Dispatchers can get PTSD

Did you know that you can develop PTSD just by hearing people’s stories? People who work with people (even just over the phone) are at an increased risk of developing PTSD due to the accumulation of daily experiences of listening to others. This includes mental health...

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Depression Awareness

October is National Depression Awareness and Education Month. October 11 is National Depression Screening Day. Why is this important? In light of all the recent tragedies in our world and in our country, (natural disasters and the recent shooting in Las Vegas...

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Depression and First Responders

October is National Depression Education and Awareness Month with October 2 being National Depression Screening Day. Why does this matter? A survey noted that 6.6% of over 4,000 first responders had attempted suicide, which is more than 10 times the general public....

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Your Reactions are Normal

People often think that PTSD happens only when something life-threatening or incredibly scary happens directly to you. PTSD is much more common than that. Those who left home for Hurricanes Harvey and Irma who came home to destroyed homes or to find loved ones homes...

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Let’s lose the stigma!

It is interesting to see where our culture have come over the years. Some of my younger clients report having a “stress corner” in their classroom with sensory objects to help them when they’re having a hard time. I’ve heard some people talk about their kids doing...

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Mindfulness…let’s discuss it again

Many years ago the diagnosis of ADD and ADHD was not well known or treated. Then it seemed like everyone was diagnosed with it and started on medication. I, myself, was put on Ritalin at the age of 7. For me, at least, it was helpful. My teacher told my mom I grew up...

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Alcohol and Stress

You’ve had a stressful day. Most of your days are stressful, but for some reason (maybe a known reason, maybe not), today just seemed more stressful. You get home and pour yourself an adult drink. As you sit down to unwind, you take the first sip and immediately start...

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Your family’s response to PTSD

In a recent blog, I explained how PTSD is a family illness. But what is it really like as a family member living with someone with PTSD? When a loved one is fighting an internal war, often they think it is only affecting them…until they see the effects on their...

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Overcoming the Concerns of Going to Therapy

It takes people years to make that first call for therapy. Picking up the phone can be very, very hard, especially for you, a first responder who prides yourself on your strength. Asking for help in this way is very different than asking for help on the job and is...

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PTSD is a family injury

PTSD is a family injury. It is not something just one person in the family goes through. Everything has ripple effects and when one person “changes” in a family unit, it changes the whole family. Sometimes this is the first sign that PTSD has hit your household....

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PTSD awareness month continued

It is PTSD awareness month, so in that light, this blog is all about PTSD. We’ll talk about what PTSD is, why some people develop PTSD while others do not, what symptoms you may notice in yourself, a friend or family member who may be suffering from the effects of...

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June is PTSD Awareness Month

Each month of the year is some named month. It just happens that June is PTSD awareness month. The purpose of PTSD Awareness Month is to encourage everyone to raise public awareness of PTSD and effective treatments. We can all help those affected by PTSD. As we are in...

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Going out of your Comfort Zone

This weekend I did something completely new…I gave a professional seminar. In therapy, people do something new every day to improve themselves. As therapists, we know how hard doing something new is, but we often haven’t done anything outside our comfort zones too...

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Do you ever have those days when you just don’t want to do anything? You know there is so much to do and you know you should get up and do those things, but the energy and motivation to do so just seem to escape you? How about taking it from another angle – there is...

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What is reclaiming your life worth?

This week I decided to do something new – coaching – to help me meet some goals. I am excited to start this new adventure, but also very scared because the cost is pretty high. I asked the coach “I’m excited but terrified. Will you promise to hold me up through my...

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Feeling like you've lost your mind...

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This is PTSD. It is real. You are not crazy.


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