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Self help is a great first place to start. Many people get relief from self help alone.

3 Reasons Why Anger is Not Only Bad

Nobody wants to feel angry, right? We learn to use all these anger management skills in order to prevent ourselves from getting out of control. On the other hand, anger is an acceptable emotion and better to feel angry than sad, right? This puts us in a bit of a bind....

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3 Symptoms Indicating you May have PTSD and not know it

Have you been searching the internet trying to find out what’s “wrong” with you? Maybe other people have pointed things out about how you’ve changed. Maybe you fought it for a long time, but now are starting to think you have changed and don’t like who you’ve become....

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Top 5 Questions to ask when you call a therapist

Do you believe that you have to randomly call therapists until you find one who will be right for you? Have you been to several therapists who haven't worked out well for you? Finding the right therapist is a daunting task, right? Fortunately, this is not true. When...

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Why are therapists increasingly not on insurance panels?

You know how it is…you call around looking for a therapist and increasingly none are taking insurance. You may get frustrated and wonder what’s the point in insurance if nobody accepts it? You might just go to anyone who takes your insurance because that’s the point...

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Emotions: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

We are in a weird time with understanding mental health. The cool part is it is becoming more understood and less stigmatized. My nephew’s preschool is even incorporating yoga into the day to start the kids learning stress management early. I’ve seen several movements...

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3 Realities to meeting your goals in 2019

You have tried to meet your goals time and time again. There are several things you’ve accomplished, but they seemed like no brainers, like finishing school, or getting a job. Other things, like living the life you want, stopping anxiety, eating healthy, loosing...

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3 Tips to Handing Various Emotions at the End of the Year

Last week we spoke about how to make 2019 a great year. However, before we get to 2019, we have to get through 2018. Between Thanksgiving and the New Year can be a very difficult time for many people. There are a ton of mixed emotions and all you want is to look...

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7 Tips to Making 2019 a Great Year

Every year it’s the same. You make a New Year’s Resolution, but never actually follow through for the entirety of it. Every year, you try again with the same result.   As humans, we are geared towards doing the easy thing; the status quo. This is because whereas...

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Top 10 Myths (and Realities) About Counseling

I find it interesting when I talk with people about their expectations coming to therapy. I am amazed at how many myths and misconceptions about counseling are still prevalent, which is preventing people from deciding that therapy would be helpful to them.   When...

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1 technique to gather your herd/accountability partners

As the strong protector you are, I’m sure you’ve thought several times to yourself that you don’t need other people. You don’t need help from others. You can do it yourself. If you can’t do it, what does that say about you?   If this sounds like you, you are not...

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6 Tips for Getting out of your Comfort Zone to Reach Your Goals

How many times have you given up on your goals? Or decided that it was “too hard” and couldn’t get yourself motivated enough to reach your goals?   Growth requires that we push ourselves and get out of our comfort zones. However, so many times, we give up on our...

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6 Tips to Identifying When to Seek Therapy

Therapy isn’t for you, is it? Therapy is for people who can’t do it on their own. People who are sick. People who are “tapped”, “crazy”, “nuts”, “psycho”, and “loony”. Or maybe you don’t stigmatize therapy, but you just don’t think it is right for you. Maybe if you...

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