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My blogs are a great self help resource.

Self help is a great first place to start. Many people get relief from self help alone.

Helping first responders and medical professionals move from internal turmoil to internal control through online and in person counseling

3 tips for therapists to stay energized throughout the day

Therapists use a great deal of emotional energy every day. For many therapists, this energy only goes down throughout the day. Is there a way for it to stay as high at the end of the day as the beginning of the day?   Unfortunately, when we deplete our energy and do...

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Top 10 Questions about Online Therapy Answered

Online therapy is just starting to become more widespread. But you aren’t sure you want to try it yet because it can’t really be as good as in-person therapy. We are beings of routine and consistency. Change is very difficult. For PC users, just think about windows...

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3 Tips for Calming the Million Intrusive Thoughts You Have

Being able to think about several things at once is a good thing, right? To be able to remember and think about all of the different times you’ve seen this scenario before will give you plenty of ideas of how to handle this specific scenario...or, more likely, it will...

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3 tips for first responders to get restful sleep quickly

First responders seem to be among the worst at self-care including getting restful sleep. We may or may not know what we should be doing and we likely don’t know why it is helpful. Unfortunately, when we live life without proper self-care including getting restful...

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Top Reasons Online Therapy Will Improve Your Life

Going into a therapist’s office is the best way to achieve the life you want, right? Wrong! The truth is online therapy there is a lot of research on telemental health. See much of the compiled information on the telemental health institute website as in person...

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3 tips for therapists to get restful sleep quickly

We, as counselors, seem to be the worst at self-care including getting restful sleep. We know what we should be doing and we know why it is helpful. We also know that it works. Yet we do not always practice what we teach. Unfortunately, when we live life without...

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3 tips to combat work-related PTSD symptoms

When we come into the field of helping others (police, fire, EMT, 911 dispatchers, nurses, doctors, therapists), we get the message that we are supposed to be strong, not show emotion and stay stoic to all situations we come across. To some degree there is truth in...

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The 2 Big Secrets to having a Herd (Support)

Animals of all species have one thing in common – the need to have others around. Isolation is an emotional and physical killer. Isolation is one thing that will make everyone crumble at some point. But have you ever thought about how the work you do is isolating? You...

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The Amazing Effects of EMDR

I have been trained in EMDR since 2016 and see a huge difference in my clients. The even better thing? They see the difference in themselves. EMR has broken through so many barriers with my clients.   For example, “Caroline” never worked through an abusive...

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The Number One Secret to Getting out of Fight/Flight

First of all, PTSD is not an illness, but an injury. When you get a cut or a bruise, it changes your body chemistry, right? You may bleed, discolor, or hurt. It may be raised. These changes occurred BECAUSE of an injury.   PTSD actually changes the brain chemistry....

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New Year, New You!

Now that we are two weeks into the “New year,” how are you doing with your goals? How has your motivation been? I know for me, my motivation has been very slow. I actually put it out there to some of my facebook groups asking for tips for motivation to do what I...

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