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My blogs are a great self help resource.

Self help is a great first place to start. Many people get relief from self help alone.

Top 5 things to think about when choosing a therapist

Therapy is only for people who are “sick” or “weak,” right? As a first responder, you “shouldn’t” need therapy, right? You’re the strong one; you’re the one others go to when they need help. You’re the protector.   It’s time for this culture to change. There is...

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3 Tips for Therapists to feel Balanced during Fall

Fall is a wonderful time. The kids are back in school, our routine is back on, the kids’ activities have restarted, your case load is increasing from the summer decrease, everyone is back from vacation and to the grind again, and the list goes on. It is a wonderful...

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4 Tips to Maintain Motivation when it seems Impossible

Sticking with a new behavior or life style change is incredibly hard. Many people each day give up on their goals because change is so difficult. Many people think “It’s not worth it” “I can’t do it” “Never mind” “It’s too hard” or one of a million other negative self...

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The 4 Biggest Changes to the Brain with PTSD

Many people believe that PTSD is not real. That it is hyped up. Other people believe that it is real, but can be (and should be) controlled and if you don’t, then you are either weak or looking for attention.   When we believe these statements, it makes us feel...

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When You Will Do Anything to get rid of the Pain

Nobody likes negative feelings. Feelings such as sadness, overwhelm, irritability, and fear are uncomfortable and it is natural to want to avoid discomfort. The fact is, these emotions are part of being alive and all emotions have a purpose. The problem is when the...

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3 tips for therapists to stay energized throughout the day

Therapists use a great deal of emotional energy every day. For many therapists, this energy only goes down throughout the day. Is there a way for it to stay as high at the end of the day as the beginning of the day?   Unfortunately, when we deplete our energy and...

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Feeling like you've lost your mind...

Life has become a nightmare.


This is PTSD. It is real. You are not crazy.


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