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This week I decided to do something new – coaching – to help me meet some goals. I am excited to start this new adventure, but also very scared because the cost is pretty high. I asked the coach “I’m excited but terrified. Will you promise to hold me up through my fear?” This is a recent example of a time I was terrified to do something, but decided the cost was worth it. Do you have any examples of this in your life?

What is your number one reason for doing something new despite fear or anxieties? Personally, I wanted to grow in this particular area and this coach seemed to be the one who could give me what I want, making the cost worth it. One reason people sometimes have is the person they talk to on the phone seems to be the person who can give them what they want. Another reason (and often a big one) is they feel like they have no choice but to change. When change is your only option, many people are willing to pay for it.

When you’re ready to make a change in life; when what you’re living with is no longer an option for you, finding that therapist to hold you through your fears and anxieties is vital. Having faith the therapist will deliver on their promise to you is such a big factor in staying in therapy until you are where you want to be in life.

I said this coach is expensive, right? Could I have found a different, less expensive one? Yes, I’m sure I could. So why did I choose her? I chose her because she spoke to me: She understood my needs and my goals. She gave me belief that she is the one for me despite her cost.

When you look for a therapist to help you regain and reclaim your life, think about what is honestly more important to you: cost or reclaiming your life? Just because someone takes your insurance and has openings doesn’t mean they are the right therapist for you. Ask yourself:
– Does the therapist really seem to understand you, your pain, and your goals?
– Do they speak to your pain and give you hope that you can reclaim your life?
– Do they specialize in what you need? Yes, this is important. Would you go to a general surgeon if you needed brain surgery or would you do some research and find who specializes in brain surgery in the area and is recommended? What if a general surgeon took your insurance, but a brain surgeon does not…would you pay the extra cost to go to the specialist?

Therapy really is no different. This is your life you want back. It is important to choose the therapist that makes the most sense to you instead of choosing out of a book. There are many generalist therapists out there who are very good at what they do, but when you’re ready to make this change and reclaim your life, the specialist is who you want to see. Go after that goal and reclaim your life! If you aren’t sure where to start, feel free to contact me: megberrylcsw@fastmail.com. I will help you identify a specialist in your area (granted I do not know areas outside of CT and FL as well as I know areas and therapists within CT and FL).