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Relaxation...It's about getting the body and mind out of fight/flight.

Reducing the effects of triggers regularly will keep you physically and emotionally healthy

Sometimes you just need to relax...and can't. Start here.

Research and history prove that relaxation helps the mind and body function properly. Furthermore, the health benefits have been scientifically proven.


When you are stressed out, including reacting to triggers or having vivid memories, your body functions as if you are in fight/flight mode. When you are not in danger, being in fight/flight is not only unnecessary, but unhelpful.


These techniques have been used for centuries in Eastern Cultures. Although the techniques here are short, there are several techniques that you can use that can last minutes to hours depending on your style, time allotment, and desire. Techniques range from breathing to meditation to movement (yoga, Tai-Chi, etc).


Additionally, techniques can be used inside or outside. The benefits of being outdoors are super strong. Add those benefits to the benefits of relaxation and life changes direction for the better much quicker (and who has time to slow down)? – Wait, we all need to slow down! That’s what this page is about!


Reap the benefits of slowing down by listening to one or more of these audio files. Which one(s) do you like best? They are each under 5 minutes and are all very helpful techniques.