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Offering services for what you need: individual and group therapy, coaching, professional consultation

Everyone has different needs to help them on their journey to freedom from the emotional and behavioral symptoms of trauma

Helping first responders and medical professionals move from internal turmoil to internal control through online and in person counseling


Conducting individual and group therapy in an office setting is the traditional way of conducting counselling and continues to have many benefits. Tele-health (online) counselling has been around for less time, but is shown to have just as positive, and sometimes better, results than psychotherapy in person.
I offer individual and group sessions through a HIPAA compliant web platform for online sessions. There are many benefits to this including: confidentiality (you will not be seen going in and out of a therapy office), saving on travel time and money, no need to find child or elder care, being able to be comfortable in your own location instead of an office setting which can be impersonal, and many more.
I want you to be completely sure I am the right therapist for you. There are so many to choose from and each of us has our strengths and populations we work best with. You can read more about each of the services I offer and what will happen from the initial call through the first visit at the links below or through the services header in the navigation bar at the top:
Individual therapy
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Professional Consultation
Professional and life coaching
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