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PTSD does affect our Military men and women

Military men and women frequently have unique needs and questions when coming to therapy

Free help for Military members and their families

Military PTSD is real. It has been studied for years and called by several different names throughout history. The VA has put a ton of money into PTSD research. It is a real phenomenon and does not mean you are weak or damaged. PTSD means you experienced something beyond what your brain can comprehend. The good news is there is help. You do not have to suffer with the nightmares, jumpiness, edginess, anxiety, or panic. You do not have to keep that gun or knife under your pillow “just in case.”
If you are concerned about cost, I participate in Give an Hour, which I explain below. If you are concerned about confidentiality, I offer online therapy so you do not have to be seen going in or out of a therapist’s office. You can also participate in therapy in the comfort of your own home. There’s no travel time to your appointment. If you have child-care or elder-care issues, online therapy is a great option.
Give an Hour is a “is a nonpolitical organization that focuses on the mental health needs of military personnel, veterans, their loved ones, and their communities. We offer a range of mental health services in order to address a variety of needs for those seeking services.” Through Give an Hour, I provide one hour per week of non-paid services to military men and women, veterans, their family, and the community through tele-counseling, and outreach in the community raising awareness of mental health needs in our military and their families.