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Professional and Life Coaching

Sometimes it isn't counseling that you need, but coaching.

Professional and Life Coaching

Have you lost motivation to keep pushing forward at your goals and dreams? Do you feel overwhelmed with all that life throws at you? Are you wondering what direction to go in now? Have you thought about seeing a therapist, but don’t think you really need a therapist? Maybe what you need is professional life coaching.


What would it be like for you to reach the professional and personal life goals you set for yourself? How much improvement would you see in your daily life? What would you gain? More family time? More outdoor time?


More time to work on other goals? Less stress? More money? Early retirement? There are benefits to both therapy and coaching depending on the type of help you are looking for. Life coaching does not get into your life story. It only focuses on the here and now of the issue to solve the issue in the present. It is solution focused to a specific issue.

Through professional life coaching, you and I will work together to understand your goals, barriers to meeting those goals, and set you up with an action plan to get your life where you want it to be.


If you aren’t sure whether coaching or therapy is what you need, click here for my checklist to help you choose! Whether it is life coaching or therapy, you can achieve it through on-line or in person sessions.