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Need EMDR consultation? LCSW supervision hours?

As an EMDR consultant in training, and an approved supervisor in FL and CT, you can get your hours here

EMDR Consultation

My passion is helping people get where they want to be in life. I do this through therapy, coaching, and consultation/supervision.

A therapist does not need to be a certified EMDR therapist to be competent and provide outstanding EMDR sessions, but for the therapist who strives to go farther with their EMDR experience and provide the utmost to their clients, I offer in-person and on-line consultation towards certification. This is not state specific, so I can provide consultation to anyone, anywhere.

LCSW Supervision

I love helping Social Workers grow toward their definition of professional freedom. For this reason, I provide individual supervision/consultation towards independent LCSW licensure. With the independent license comes professional freedom and growth.

I am an approved supervisor through the Florida Board of Clinical Social Work, Marriage and Family Counseling, and Mental Health Counseling. Becoming licensed with your LCSW opens many doors to new MSWs and LMSWs. My fees are reasonable and you and I would work out a schedule of when and where to meet, as well as everything that you will need in order to get all your hours complete.