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Knowing what to expect can increase your comfort coming to therapy.

Meg Berry, LCSW, Certified EMDR Therapist

What to expect from the initial contact through the first session

Coming to therapy can be scary. Often people have unspoken questions: What will this therapist be like? Will I feel comfortable with them? Will they be able to help me? Unknowns are always scary and it is normal to have these questions and more. However, ensuring your comfort and a feeling of safety is what I expect from myself to ensure you have a successful experience. You are aware of every step during therapy; there are no surprises.

Scroll down for an outline of what to expect from the first call through the initial session with me.

When you make the initial call, before we talk about anything else, I will ask you what you are looking to achieve through therapy to ensure I am the right therapist to help you with what you are looking for. This is where our relationship begins.

If we agree that I am the right therapist for you, we will then talk about payment, what treatment will look like and schedule our first session.

The first session tends to be about an hour and a half to make sure I fully explain treatment and fully understand you and your needs.

When you come for your first session, we will go over the necessary paperwork, take care of payment, I will explain the course of treatment and the format of sessions, and we will begin the assessment so I can better understand you and how to help you achieve your goal(s).

At the end of the session, we will document our session together so you know what is in your record, and schedule our next session.